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Ospitalità Italiana is a quality endorsement issued by the Italian Government to Italian restaurants all over the world that guarantee the respect of the standard typical of Italian hospitality. So far 22 restaurants in Victoria and Tasmania have been awarded and have been able to maintain over the last three years the Ospitalità Italiana (Italian Hospitality) seal.  Nine more are now in the process of certification.


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types of

The verification of the requirements

- icci melbourne -

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia - ICCI Melbourne
provides information on how the brand is awarded, solicits and collects restaurant applications and handles,
under the close supervision of the Secretary General the implementation of the inspection visit and follow up visits
for the maintenance of the certificate issued to restaurants.

The verification of the requirements is carried out through interviews, desk reviews of operating procedures used to verify the performance of activities, inspection visits in different areas of the restaurant. In relation to the degree of satisfaction of the requirement is given a score.
The sum of the scores obtained for each requirement determines the level of hospitality in the restaurant.
Successful completion of a minimum level of points determines the success of the evaluation and release of the brand.
There are five requirements defined KO, which if not satisfied may lead to the non granting, suspension or withdrawal of the brand.

Italian Restaurants awarded by the Italian Government

- with the contribution of  -

On the basis of the experience gained with the brand Ospitalita' Italiana - Italian Hospitality, which was carried out with the operational support of IS.NA.RT (National Institute of Research on Tourism - a company owned by Chambers of Commerce), Unioncamere has promoted the project Italian Hospitality, Italian Restaurants in the World, aimed at all the Italian restaurants abroad, ensuring compliance with quality standards typical of Italian Hospitality. For further information on the Italian Hospitality project, please visit www.10q.it

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